What to do if your child hates writing

Getting children to write more can sometimes prove a challenge – especially encouraging them to write for fun not just at school. Here we’ve come up with some tips to get those budding authors started…


  1. Buy a ‘writing book’ or journal.

This can be a small book that your child can write stories and also write notes, doodles and ideas in. You can encourage them to take it with them on holiday, long journey’s or trips so they can write whenever they find inspiration.


  1. Encourage short stories

Stories don’t have to be pages and pages long. Children often work best when there is no pressure to write a certain amount and they can just write whatever it is they want and take it in any direction they want to.


  1. Give them ideas

The hardest thing for children is to focus their mind on just one story writing idea. Find an interesting picture from the internet together, or show them an old object in the attic or give them a title for their story. This will help get their imagination going without writers block.


  1. Read their stories

It’s important that authors have readers and your child is no different. If they ask you to read a story then their confidence will soar if you read it and love it.


  1. Get your child to read it to you

Even better than reading your child’s writing, ask them to read it to you or read it together. This will give you the opportunity to be able to ask questions about the story and you child can expand on their ideas.

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