Great Travel Blogs for Parents

Handy List of Parent Travel Blogs

The summer holidays are almost upon us and you’re probably looking ahead to those sun and ice-cream-soaked adventures with your children. However, if you’re still looking for inspiration to fill those summer days, then look no further. There’s plenty of advice around from how to navigate an airport with free-range children, to coping with inexplicable amounts of luggage or homeschooling on the move. We’ve put together five of our favourite parent travel blogs to get you prepped and confident for the summer holidays or long-term adventures.

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UK-based travel

Parentshaped is an award-winning travel and parenting blog that explores some fascinating and perhaps less thought-of locations across the UK. Descriptive blogs covering family camping in the Peak District to organising a multi-generational family trip to London are accompanied with great photographs and useful tips on an easy-to-navigate website. There’s even the option to read about some… dare I say it… child-free holidays and, of course, family trips abroad. You may also find the Travel Tips section provides great advice on how to save money on late bookings.

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Single parent travel

There are several single parent travel blogs out there, some of which are linked to holiday and travel providers that offer the opportunity to meet other single parents travelling with children. We’ve included two blogs that focus more on the logistics of one adult travelling with children. The Single Dad Nomad blogs about his nomadic lifestyle with his young daughter and includes advice on visas and making long-term travel financially viable. Single Mum Travels also covers long-term travelling with kids but also provides general travel advice, such as, flying with babies, safety and helping kids deal with holiday heat.

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Lonely Planet Kids

This website is a great educational and creative resource for inspiring your children about the world and travel. It also offers practical advice to parents looking to take their children on holiday and engage with the world, either at home or abroad. The Ask LP Kids… section has blog articles answering parents’ travel questions, such as, is it safe to take kids on safari and which are the most child-friendly cities? If you’re thinking of longer-term travel and supporting education, then you may be interested to learn about ‘world-schooling’ or the best age for learning a second language. The website also includes blogs/travel journals written by children, which may inspire your own young writer.

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Family Travel

If you are interested in world-schooling, homeschooling, or the opportunities for education through travel, then World Travel Family’s blog is a good place to start your blog-reading journey. It’s packed with advice on short holidays, destination guides, education and nomadic life from a family who has been living it since 2012.

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Wherever you’re travelling and for however long, we have some fun travel journals and free literacy resources to inspire your little one’s travel adventure and support their learning – at home or away.


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