10 ways to let your child's imagination shine!

With the constant focus on tests and assessments it’s sometimes hard for children to have the chance to be imaginative and let their creativity shine. So we’ve come up with 10 easy ways to kick start your child’s imagination on a rainy weekend!


  1. Show your child an object they’ve never seen and tell them a story about it i.e an old phone, an antique, one of your old toys. Then ask them to invent something that might exist in the future. They can design their new invention on a piece of paper with paints or crayons.


  1. Give your child 5 random objects and ask them to create a play or script with them.


  1. Ask them to draw or describe their idea of what a perfect school would look like – what would it include? A room made of chocolate? A swimming pool? A farm?


  1. Get out the old toys – the ones that haven’t been played with for years.


  1. Get the dressing up box out and give them a title to a piece of Drama. You could pick any title like i.e ‘The Escape’ or ‘My Magic Adventure to School.’


  1. Ask them to create a board game… then play it.


  1. Ask your little one to act out a trailer or design a poster for their favourite film.


  1. Prepare a Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor Audition sketch.


  1. Give your child a box (or several boxes) plus a marker and ask them to make the boxes into something else i.e a spaceship, a house, an outfit!


  1. Write a story – show an interesting picture from the internet and ask your child to write a short story about it.


Here are just a few ideas we've come up with - have you got any favourite games or imaginative activities you play with your children that you'd like to share?

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