10 ways to help your child get (and stay) organised

Teaching our kids to be organised might sound like a difficult task. But like most parenting challenges, consistency and routine is key. You can start building more order in your home by getting your child to be organised in fun and effective ways. It could be the key ingredient your child needs for school and future success.

If your child is at a stage where you think they could benefit from getting and staying more organised, here are 10 things for you to try.

Use checklists

Getting your child into the habit of writing things down and ticking things off will not only encourage them to work their way down their lists promoting a structured schedule for them to work towards, but will also create a real sense of achievement.

Designate a study area

Create a quiet space with little or no distractions for your child to complete all their homework. Having this one spot where they can go will encourage good study habits.

study area

Create a homework box

A fun task for your child would be to get them to create their very homework supplies box with all the stationary they need. Encourage them to decorate their homework box how they like and give them the opportunity to choose all the stationary they would like to go into their box. Once finished, keep their box in or close by to their designated study area.

Set a study time

Decide on a time that your child is to complete their homework tasks and stick to it. Having a routine will give your child a sense of order and may even encourage them to start planning what they would like to do in their free time after their homework is done.

Night before prep

If you’re all too familiar with the mad rush in the morning which usually results in hectic packing and maybe even lateness, try getting your child organised the night before. Encourage your child to sort out their backpack and everything they need for the following day before they go to bed. Once you start doing it a few times it should then be a natural thing they start doing on their own accord.

Weekly sort out

Organised and tidy bag = a good week. Our children’s bags can build up really quickly with different sheets of paper, so get your child to give it a good sort out once a week. Encourage your child to divide the stuff needed from the stuff no longer needed. Again, once you show your child this a few times it should become natural.

 Introduce a household calendar

Get your child involved in the household calendar so they are aware of all the different things the whole family has planned. This will encourage them to think about planning ahead. You could even get your child to write down any of their upcoming school trips or special days at school.

Alarm clocks

You might want to try putting an alarm clock in their room and show them how to set it. This will not only teach your child how to be more organised, but also give them a good sense of independence that will definitely be a positive as they get older.

Mucking in with the housework

If your child is now at the age where you want to start introducing chores, this would be an effective way to encourage organisation. Tasks like emptying and loading the dishwasher, making their beds and cleaning out their wardrobes will promote categorising skills.


Kids respond well to routine and consistency and, of course, reward. Your child will really enjoy their newfound independence and feeling more organised, so praising your child and rewarding them with their favourite treat, activity or something you know they’ll love will encourage them to stick at being organised!


Written by Amelia Cunningham blogger. Click here to visit Amelia's website.

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